9th March 2017

‘Sirio’ by Human Colonies just premiered on Cheap Sound

«Shoegaze made in Italy scores another point with ‘Big Domino Vortex’
by Human Colonies, a resonant trip that fills your ears
with lo-fi, rough, psychedelic sounds and melodies.»


Just premiered on Cheap Sound, discover the brand new video for the single ‘Sirio‘.
Directed by Bubi Visual Arts, the video has been recorded among the mountains of the Valtellina where Human Colonies have their home-studio. The song – as explained by Giuseppe Mazzoni on the interview featured in the article – is about the strength you achieve when you overcome your once insuperable inner mountains.



12th April 2016

Lilies On Mars • Italian Premiere + New Gigs

After the huge North-American premiere via The Revue,
Rachel Walks By The Sea‘ is featured again on an exclusive premiere via Noisey.
Read & Watch → http://noisey.vice.com/it/video-premiere/lilies-on-mars-rachel-walks-by-the-sea

A wonderful way to announce the forthcoming Spring Tour, isn’t it?
Catch the girls in Roma, Eboli, Napoli, Benevento and more…

26/04 • Roma • Sparwasser
27/04 • Eboli • Buatt
28/04 • Napoli • Museo del Sottosuolo
29/04 • Benvento • Morgana

9th March 2016

Rachel Walks By The Sea Premiere

Rachel Walks By The Sea‘ • new video by Lilies On Mars, premiered today on The Revue / Canada.

«The music of “Rachel Walks By The Sea” and the dimensional cosmic approach of Lilies on Mars through their sounds, inspired in me the concept of a new sight through a powerful imagination. The images are timeless, the beauty of a respite nature and the hectic chaos of the town. Through imagination we can live both, and many more aspects at the same time, experiencing a floating lucid dream that also inspires this dimension.»

As Ben Yung writes: ‘… listening to this number takes you on a journey that overloads the mind and stimulates every sense in your body. It is lush yet cathartic, breathtaking yet heart-racing. And we’re only talking about the song itself and not its beautiful video, which we are immensely pleased to present today.’

Be swallowed up by the cosmic trip, again.
Watch below!


3rd November 2015

Dead Wax by Weird. • new video premiered today!

Dead Wax‘ is the brand new video by Weird.

«Who’s allowed to enter & discover what’s hidden inside?
How do we appear to others?»

That’s the main theme of Weird.’s brand new video, written by Marco Compagnucci (formerly Mary In June, who already wrote the plot for Infinite Decay) and directed by M U T E (aka Erica Terenzi/Lorenzo Musto – well known for being involved in Be Forest & Brothers in Law).

Find your own answer. Watch the exclusive premiere on Impatto Sonoro!


21st September 2015

Armaud • Ablaze [digital single]

Armaud - Ablaze - 1000

• a b l a z e •

Armaud brand new single
now available to stream&download on all platforms!

«She’s Paola. Armaud. Armò.
Her music has got the same alibi of the erasable pens:
you can make mistakes, get out of line, rub on errors, blow and pretend that nothing ever happened.»
(DLSO Premiere)

Bandcamp • https://goo.gl/KwbYp6