31st May 2017

Introducing Stranger Paws + new single ’56k Modem’

«When a young boy vanishes, a small town uncovers a mystery album
involving secret experiments, terrifying supernatural synths
and two strange little paws.»

Stranger Paws is a synth invader!
In love with 80s smooth electrowave, 90s vintage videogames and retro-futuristic TV scores.

We’re happy to share his new single 56k Modem, a sparkling cyber-pop tune
that will definitely refresh you summer.




11th May 2016

Armaud • The Town of Light

Did you know our armaud wrote the beautiful official song
for a stunning Italian videogame called ‘The Town of Light‘?
It tells the story of Renée, 16, who on 12 March 1938 was ripped out of her world.
Just because her only fault was that of not knowing her place in the world.

TAKE A READ → http://motherboard.vice.com/…/capire-lorrore-di-un-manicomi…

The song is available on all digital stores!

12th April 2016

Lilies On Mars • Italian Premiere + New Gigs

After the huge North-American premiere via The Revue,
Rachel Walks By The Sea‘ is featured again on an exclusive premiere via Noisey.
Read & Watch → http://noisey.vice.com/it/video-premiere/lilies-on-mars-rachel-walks-by-the-sea

A wonderful way to announce the forthcoming Spring Tour, isn’t it?
Catch the girls in Roma, Eboli, Napoli, Benevento and more…

26/04 • Roma • Sparwasser
27/04 • Eboli • Buatt
28/04 • Napoli • Museo del Sottosuolo
29/04 • Benvento • Morgana

21st September 2015

Armaud • Ablaze [digital single]

Armaud - Ablaze - 1000

• a b l a z e •

Armaud brand new single
now available to stream&download on all platforms!

«She’s Paola. Armaud. Armò.
Her music has got the same alibi of the erasable pens:
you can make mistakes, get out of line, rub on errors, blow and pretend that nothing ever happened.»
(DLSO Premiere)

Bandcamp • https://goo.gl/KwbYp6


10th July 2015

Weird. • Summerbliss

Weird - Summerbliss 960px

• s u m m e r b l i s s •

Weird. brand new single
now available to stream&download on all platforms!

Bandcamp • https://goo.gl/UfpKso
iTunes • https://goo.gl/RuImnb
Amazon • http://goo.gl/gb9hSF
Google Play • https://goo.gl/mtBVoU
Tidal • http://goo.gl/LpZEim
Deezer • http://goo.gl/MNytaL
Spotify • https://goo.gl/C95O4s


watch the video premiere on Sounds Better with Reverb HERE!