Paisley Reich

p a i s l e y   r e i c h

paisley reich

It’s always been fun and they never sound the same.
They were a noise pop band, a shoegaze band, a wave band.
They have always been punk and have always add on tons of delay, so that you never understand well and you have to make a little effort.

Paisley Reich started rehearsing in early 2011. Brought together by their love for cheap pedal effects and 80s and 90s indie and psychedelic rock and pop, they quickly came up with a handful of songs and started playing their first gigs in Rome. In November 2012 they released the 5-track-Ep |Dive| and it gained them some reviews and mentions, even flattering ones, on many websites and blogzines. They got to play in some of Rome’s biggest venues and they are now moving on doing pretty much what every other college band does, writing better songs, adjusting their formula, trying to play better gigs and have fun.

In late 2014 they joined Lady Sometimes Records and released their ep BLAZE.