23rd June 2018

Happy release day, Grimm Grimm! • Discover the midsummer reverie of ‘Cliffhanger’

“Wistful, introspective and achingly beautiful” | Loud & Quiet “Innocence feels like a rare quality in music these days” | The Quietus…

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23rd April 2018

Listen to ‘Midnight Screamer’ – the new album by Human Colonies, out today!

SEVERE WEATHER CONDITIONS ANNOUNCEMENT Hello cruel world, shoegaze tornadoes are back! Due to the huge amount of distortions and reverb…

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16th April 2018

‘To Load The Feeling of a Trembling Whisper’ debut album by Dull Company Myself is out today!

Tons of 80s inspirations, from the dancing rhythms of the synth-wave to the deep Sylvian-esque voice of Matteo Ferrante. What might…

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5th April 2018

Watch ‘Groovy Boy’ • New video by Human Colonies

Our beloved power trio is back on tracks! Huge distorsions and lo-fi bittersweet mellowdies enrich this super catchy tune. Keep…

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2nd April 2018

A Very Lady Sometimes Fest #o1 • A party to celebrate 4 yrs of fierce independence!

6 Maggio | Largo Venue • Roma   A Very Lady Sometimes Fest #01   It’s 2014 when Lady Sometimes…

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19th January 2018

Check out the amazing stop-motion video for ‘Spider/Galaxy’ by Black Tail.

Fantastic animals, retro-futuristic machines, asteroids and imaginary planets: this and much more in the brand-new stop motion video of Black…

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24th December 2017

‘A Very Lady Xmas’ #o3 is out! Greetings ♥

«If you’re living the unlivable By loving the unlovable It’s time to start changing the unchangeable Be leaving the unleavable»…

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18th September 2017

‘One Day We Drove Out of Town’ by Black Tail • Out Now!

Black Tail comes back with a distinctly autumnal album, a tiny tale of the daily usual things, where the outer…

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21st June 2017

Stranger Paws • New Summer Gigs!

Watch the synth invader and find where Stranger Paws will be playing this summer…

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31st May 2017

Introducing Stranger Paws + new single ’56k Modem’

«When a young boy vanishes, a small town uncovers a mystery album involving secret experiments, terrifying supernatural synths and two…

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