16th April 2018

‘To Load The Feeling of a Trembling Whisper’ debut album by Dull Company Myself is out today!

Tons of 80s inspirations, from the dancing rhythms of the synth-wave to the deep Sylvian-esque voice of Matteo Ferrante. What might seem like a kinda umpteenth proof of concept, it’s messed up by the presence of sparkly guitars and the jangly shoegazey interludes.

After publishing his 4 track-tape ‘Wrights of Vacuum’ in 2016, I’m so very glad to release the debut LP by Dull Company Myself – a young 21 yo multi-instrumentalist prodigy boy who is also involved in the experimental collective Stille Dammerung.

What I loved at very first listen is how good Matteo is in merging different moods and genres who made the history of music, with a fresh and lively approach – far from the ordinary boring (dull!) revival.
Just listen to the awesome title-track featuring a catchy Human League or Soft Cell sort of pop refrain I dare you to forget! Or by contrast go to the final ‘Nothing Means Regression’, that shows echoes of Cure, Swans and The Sound.

The perfect jam for the early-wave loyal fans and for the latest ones too.
Sincerely? On a shelf among Preoccupations, Shame or Trentemoller, Dull Company Myself won’t show him up at all.

The album is available on our official Bandcamp stores, e-stores & streaming platforms.

Check it out!