23rd April 2018

Listen to ‘Midnight Screamer’ – the new album by Human Colonies, out today!


Hello cruel world, shoegaze tornadoes are back! Due to the huge amount of distortions and reverb we urge listeners to be cautious and to remain in place while listening massively and peacefully to the Human Colonies’s new album. Vertigo, haze and a high risk of addiction is to be expected.
However ear-pleasure will replace the dizziness & your conditions will soon improve…

We’re so glad to release the first full-lenght by Human Colonies, a suberb noisepop trio from Morbegno (North Italy) that we already got to know thanks to their great EP ‘Big Domino Vortex’. Recorded at our beloved VDSS Studio by Filippo Strang, the cover art is designed by Travis Millard – the amazing artist behind the Fudge Factory, who drawn the artworks for Dinosaur Jr, Kurt Vile, METZ, The Get Up Kids.

‘Midnight Screamer’ shows off the since the very beginning how to perfectly balance some shiny catchy melodies with a rather coarse, tough background. The typical shoegaze sound gives way to detailed explorations, powerful rhythms, analog samples so that’s a fine work of art where your attention gets constantly challenged.

Kerosene, Jet, Groovy Boy are definitely going to blow up your mind! Real 90s fans will be captured by the overall atmosphere reminding of Dinosaur Jr. And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, Rodan, Sunny Day Real Estate, Swervedriver and more…Until the final long track Hummingbird will cradle you from the most screaming storm to the goodnight calm.

The album is available on our official Bandcamp stores, e-stores & streaming platforms.