8th December 2018

C18 – PURE ITALIAN GEMS • Discover our local best kept secrets!

C18 • Pure Italian Gems is the sophomore mix-tape realized by Lady Sometimes Records to promote the contemporary Italian indie scene. Clearly inspired by the NME C86 tape, it gathers different experiences yet showing a common attitude.

Where has our desire for freedom gone? Why do we constantly subdue our creative energy to market, trends and standardisation? Can we really act as independent minds today? Is it right or is it wrong to ask such questions within an underground music selection? The making of this tape has pushed me to raise several issues, a bit beyond the usual ‘Oh I really dig this bands’ thing.

Actually in the past two years I felt more than ever that a large part of our best local acts is still ignored by the press, the clubs and – last not least – the listeners! We trust more the Spotify algorhythm than a flesh and bone reviewer, a friend or a neighbor band. I see people getting more and more uninterested by other people, scared to discover new stuff and places, lazy and bothered when it comes to invest their time on a ‘yet not so hype’ cultural experience.

You can buy this playlist at the same price of a beer, but you’re more than welcome to download it for free, enjoy your time listening, spread YOUR OWN word, be ACTIVE and SUPPORT your local scene. Get in touch with us and tell us what you think about it, as you may know – coyness is nice, and coyness can stop you from saying all the things in life you’d like to.

C18 features a handmade fanzine focused on the 15 bands involved in the project, available only on paper along with the tape.

1. Sweat • Feel It Coming
2. The Chilly Willies • My Last Chance
3. Naughty Betsy • Gerald Spencer
4. La Naissance • Knee High Socks
5. Frown • Morrissey
6. Quaint Ash • For You
7. Urali • Dwellers
8. The Whip Hand • Your Thoughts
9. MasciaTi • Come Il Vento

1. True Sleeper • Blurred Hearts
2. Halfalib • Liebe Fénix, II Instant
3. Ma Femme Est Morte • With You I Experienced The Incapability of Not Being Able to Talk at All
4. Sonic Jesus • Cartaxo
5. Ramplingg • The Mist Is on The Marshes
6. Stille Dämmerung • World in Pieces

Thanks to Gusville Dischi, MiaCameretta Records, VDSS Recording Studio, WWNBB Records, Tiny Speaker, To Lose La Track, General Soreness, Fatty Liver Records, Malestro and all the bands featured who agreed to be part of C18.
This tape is dedicated to you, with love ♥