24th December 2017

‘A Very Lady Xmas’ #o3 is out! Greetings ♥

«If you’re living the unlivable
By loving the unlovable
It’s time to start changing the unchangeable
Be leaving the unleavable»
[ Inspirational – Smog, 1997 ]



1-2-3 and the magic is here!
Even though no theme has (ever) been given, this year looks like each and every band I invited chose to cover songs about love and loss.
The unwanted absence of ‘that someone’ makes presence a special gift.

Desperation, illusion, bleakness and other small disasters.
Yet pain seems to be bearable when the shimmering Xmas lights are on. When the early night comes and you can smell gingerbread climbing up your bed. Yes, all outside the sky and ground are whiter than snow and a crystal air rubs up your icy nose. That’s what I call bliss.

Some time & music for you, right before a new start.


[featuring Weird. / Black Tail / Dull Company Myself / Quaint Ash / The Chilly Willies / Human Colonies]

• • •