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• italo-gaze leading artist according to Rockit, SBWR & Primal Radio •

weird. sounds like a sad earthquake slowly ripping everything apart.


«Someone lost it. Someone never found it.»

Suddenly, it’s love at first sight.
And when you finally realize it was all just a dream, it becomes transfigured reality.
A haunted nightmare – a leap into your darkest solitude and desolation.
Imagination and desire get closer, leaving some room for faded memories and illusions.

Even though the circle is closed, the bleeding never ends.



Born in Rome in the second half of 2011, Weird. is the brainchild of Marco Barzetti.

In 2013 he released his debut album “Desert Love For Lonely Graves”: seven tracks that slowly flow between reverberate guitars and vocals, autumnal bass and sepulchral drums. A mix of different musical genres, such as shoegaze and psychedelia, that converge beautifully.
The album gets excellent reviews both in Italy and abroad thanks to a remarkably international sound, so Marco has the chance to open concerts of very well-known acts such as Cosmetic, Be Forest, Soviet Soviet, Girls Names, Disappears.

After several concerts he begins recording his sophomore album, ‘A Long Period of Blindness’, whose release was followed by a promotional tour that brought him playing in different clubs throughout Italy and Europe, including some of the most notable Italian festivals (Rome Brucia, Ephebia, Summer Is Mine, Reset Torino).

‘A Long Period of Blindness’ has been released on 2nd March 2015 by the Italian label Lady Sometimes Records.

A Long Period of Blindness

From every point of view ‘A Long Period of Blindness’ is clearly a step forward.
Recorded thanks to the technical support of Marco Compagnucci, the sharp and rounded sound helps Marco Barzetti’s musical writing to emerge in all its richness. A blooming writing, still longing to reach a full ripeness, yet firmly capable of melting its own identity to a number of different influences: from the shoegaze of ‘Infinite Decay’ to the dream-pop of ‘Gaze’, from the psychedelic ‘The Circle Is Closed Except Where It Bleeds’ to the far more noisey ‘Swans’.

As already heard in their debut, dense coats of melodies and manifold harmonies get delved again into fuzzy distortions and reverbs, even though the dusky and obsessive atmospheres give way to far more softened and floating ones.
Sound turns into words pushing towards a deep awareness: topics once barely sketched – the quarrel between dream and reality, an inner feeling of unsuitableness, all the pain rising from the permanent lack of contact with others – are now brought to completion.


1. The Circle Is Closed Except Where It Bleeds
2. Dead Wax
3. Infinite Decay
4. The Sound Of Your Heartbreak
5. Widow
6. (Crescendo)
7. Gaze
8. Swans

P R E S S  • R E V I E W S

«Essential. Heroic. Sublime.» [Rockit]

«It just takes to press ‘start’ to understand we are surrounded by excellent musicians and psychedelic minds.»
[Paolo Gresta – The Parallel Vision]

«7.5 / 10 • Forty minutes of music switching between lysergical mantras and bright shoegaze glimpses. Highly recommended to all.»
[Il Mucchio]

«7/10 • A tangible album, not just a mere proof of concept.» [Noise]

«7.5 / 10 • An album that IS, DOES and KNOWS: it knows when to explode, when to slow down, it knows when to choke and when to expand the space.» [Deer Waves]

«8/10 • Second round for Weird who raise the bets, popping out a high quality work. It lead us to places that might be for all or none, but for sure, at least for 40 minutes, they belong only to us.»[Vinylistic]

«The band shows up how is not going to flatten out on a single model through deep rhythmic sections and strong melodies»
[Music Will not Save You]

«8.1 / 10 • When you thinks you’ve trapped them up, the three Romans know where to escape and how to change the flow, by entrusting the perdition to their stories and to an unpredictable music.» [Kalporz]

«Beautiful, composed and graceful on the surface, but there is definitely turmoil somewhere, maybe deeply buried, long ago.»
[Primal Radio Blog]

«8.5/10 • Beautiful in a way an atomic mushroom is beautiful – it provides a breathtaking view» [Arctic Drones]

«It’s an ambient rock feast with psych swagger, shoegaze swoon and epic slow burners! The record is highlighted by some monumental tunes, namely ‘Gaze’, ‘The Sound Of Your Heartbreak’ and the single ‘Infinite Decay’.» [Sounds Better With Reverb]

«Shoegaze polvilhado de outros docinhos bons.» [Bodyspace]

«Weird’s A long period of blindness fits perfectly in with the Shoegazer genre bringing spirited and inspiring composition washing up on hopeful but melancholic shores.» [Fracture Zine]

«When Weird hit the target, they do so with some style, the restraint of the simmering “Widow” being particularly fine. The final incongruous twenty-four seconds of the dreamy “Infinite Decay” are a joy, and the little burst of falsetto from Marco Barzetti at the conclusion of “Gaze” is a quite lovely touch.» [Step On Magazine]

«What makes this an exceptional record is Weird.’s ability to expertly marry the spiky, edgy guitars of modern, mainstream psych with enormous washes of reverb and sombre, introspective vocals. The result is a dark, thoroughly enticing beauty which pulls you in and smothers you slowly in windswept, gothic splendour.» [Echoes And Dust]


L I V E • A R C H I V E

n e x t • g i g s

[2 0 1 7]


p a s t • g i g s

[2 0 1 6]

05/11 • Bloodbeat Club (Wien • AU)
24/09 • Urgences Sonores HQ (Lyon • FR)
23/09 • Les Tanneries (Dijon • FR)
22/09 • La Mahkno (Genève • CH)
21/09 • House Concert (Torino)
18/09 • Freak Out (Bologna)
16/09 • G.O.B. (Viareggio)
15/09 • Circolo Hemingway (Latina)
05/06 • Teatro India (Roma)
31/05 • Vedo La Gente Joy Division • Le Mura (Roma)
30/04 • Spazio Aereo (Venezia)
23/04 • Sonar Fest (Recanati)
01/04 • Arci Origami (La Spezia)
10/03 • Le Mura (Roma)
27/02 • w/Urali • Le Mura (Roma)
30/01 • House Concert Unplugged (Eboli)
29/01 • Fuorimano (Monopoli)
11/01 • The Yellow Hostel (Roma)

[2 0 1 5]
28/12 • supporting Pierrot Le Four • Le Mura (Roma)
03/12 • w/ His Clancyness & Disappears • Init (Roma)
20/11 • Morgana (Benevento)
03/11 • w/Girls Names • Le Mura (Roma)
18/09 • Sinister Noise (Roma)
11/09 • Reset Festival (Torino)
23/08 • Ca.Ga Festival (Itri)
09/08 • Brambles Arts (Santa Teresa di Gallura)
08/08 • Summer is Mine Festival (Carbonia)
07/08 • Bohemien (Cagliari)
06/08 • Frames (Fondorgianus)
18/07 • Masseria Lo Jazzo (Ceglie Messapica)
17/07 • Ricrea (Putignano)
12/07 • Roma Brucia Festival (Roma)
27/06 • App Colombofili (Parma)
31/05 • Music Market (Rimini)
29/05 • Notte Bianca de La Sapienza (Roma)
22/05 • Pierrot Le Fou (Roma)
16/05 • One Eyed Jack’s (Rieti)
07/05 • w/Cosmetic • MONK Club (Roma)
25/04 • Circolo Hemingway (Latina)
24/04 • Sound Bonico (Piacenza)
22/04 • Traffic Live Club (Roma)
22/03 • Fanfulla (Roma)
21/03 • Italia Loungebar (Eboli)
15/03 • Reasonanz (Loreto)
27/02 • Le Mura (Roma)
08/01 • Traffic (Roma)
[ 2 0 1 4 ]
19/12 • Contestaccio (Roma)
29/11 • Teatro Quirinetta (Roma)
14/11 • Porcelli Tavern (Amelia)
08/11 • w/ Soviet Soviet • Tilt (Avellino)
20/09 • Dal Verme (Roma)
16/09 • Circolo degli Artisti (Roma)
17/07 • w/ TOY • Airport One (Roma)
16/05 • Alvarado Street (Roma)
09/05 • Pierrot Le Fou (Roma)
09/04 • w/ Be Forest • Dalla Cira (Pesaro)
29/03 • Trenta Formiche (Roma)
[ 2 0 1 3 ]
14/12 • Atelier Montiez (Roma)
21/11 • Circolo degli Artisti (Roma)
16/11 • Rock ‘n’ Roll (Milano)
15/11 • Circolo Mengaroni (Pesaro)
13/06 • w/ Ancien Régime • Dalla Cira (Pesaro)
03/05 • Fusolab (Roma)
26/04 • Closer (Roma)
02/03 • Spazio Ebbro (Roma)
08/02 • Muzak (Roma)
[2 0 1 2 ]
30/12 • Alvarado Street (Roma)
28/12 • Traffic (Roma)
16/11 • Defrag (Roma)